About Us

As you enter the Atrium Cafe, you will find yourself in an 1890’s atmosphere. Built of brick street pavers, the building itself dates to the late 1890’s. Port Huron’s City Directory lists that John Parker and Company operated a grocery store at this address in 1899-1902. In 1904, Fred J. Lenski operated an outlet for the National Biscuit Co.

By 1907 Fred C. Ballentine and W. Grant Wilson operated a drug store. By 1931, it became Heeke’s Drug Store until 1939, when it evolved into the Military Fruit Market, which remained open until 1986. The Building is also rumored to have been a meat market featuring fine salted meats.

The Sports Shop and a florist completed its life until Rock and Gayle Stevens purchased the property in 2008. After gutting the interior, the Stevens restored the interior and exterior using recycled architectural artifacts salvaged primarily from Port Huron’s demolished Victorian homes.


Floral Gables

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